Voice AI’s Role In Enhancing CRM

Various organisations that use CRM systems such as: Salesforce and HubSpot CRM, are now able to provide a more efficient customer service thanks to a new conversational tool by NLX: Voice Compass

The main aim of this tool is to provide customers with a ‘live agent’ feel, but without the waiting time. Instead, the software-tool is designed to enhance the customer journey by giving them a voice-guided, self-paced experience. Usually, customers will have to wait for a real-life agent for assistance; but now, they can complete routine tasks without having to speak to a live agent. 

Voice Compass is delivered through existing channels, which include: Web pages, SMS, mobile phone, social media and more. 

“By introducing auto-created tickets for each customer call, organizations can significantly increase the level of automation in their customer support services, increasing efficiency and reducing cost,” said NLX CEO and Co-founder, Andrei Papancea. 

The automation of customer support can be successful if the process of handling calls and queries is more efficient. This involves reducing overall call times for agents by introducing customer self-service and accelerating call handling by providing clarity about calls being sent to live agents.

The use of data is also important. The ticketing data retrieved from the CRM platforms means that clients can see which user inquiries can be completed through automated customer service, however, still prompts them to speak to a human representative. 

Once clients can identify which inquiries are suitable for human assistance and which inquiries can be dealt with using automation. 

Andrei Papancea continued: “Many companies fail to analyse incoming data; they either don’t have it annotated, or they don’t have the right tools or skill sets to kind of make sense of all the traffic that comes in. 

“So instead, they end up being very reactive. They may get an influx of calls and divert people to answer the calls, but they fail to take a step back to understand why people are calling in and what they are calling about.”

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