Waveoptics: The Augmented Reality Glasses

Making Augmented Reality the new reality.

Sumata Talukadar and David Grey formed WaveOptics in 2014 and they have added numerous scientists and designers to their team ever since. They have a management team with a deep understanding of augmented reality spanning over 5 decades of accumulated experience.

WaveOptics have brought to us augmented reality glasses that are viable and accessible. They use a waveguide technology that acknowledges the stunning augmented reality experiences.  The technology used by WaveOptics surpasses the field of view by using full colour imagery and peripheral vision, by fusing incredible image quality with lightness. 

WaveOptics also uses optical design which harnesses waveguide hologram physics and photonic crystals rather than the conventional augmented reality. What makes this new technology so different from traditional augmented reality, is that it doesn't need cumbersome prisms, mirrors or other rare materials thus allowing their industry partners to engineer and manufacture devices using standard processes and tools.

The performance of the glasses is managed by one large eye box which creates persistent and stable full colour RGB images. This technology is wearable as it is patented with ultra-thin waveguides and phonic crystals meaning they can be small and slim. 

WaveOptics believe that augmented reality should be a positive enhancement of the user's world view. They also believe that augmented reality should allow people to view projected images with their surrounding. This is what separates augmented reality from virtual reality. 

Wearing these WaveOptics glasses will soon become trendy and cool, because not only do they look like normal glasses but they have the additional plus point of the augmented reality feature. With these, you can be cycling whilst wearing these glasses which are projecting your route, showing you the time and possibly showing you messages. These will soon allow you to multitask by simply wearing the glasses.