Ways to develop your workplace collaboration skills

Your collaboration skills allow you to work effectively and succeed in various environments; whether that be in a professional, educative or casual setting. Your ability to collaborate in the workplace comes from your willingness to involve others in your decision-making and problem-solving thought processes. 

Working with people in a professional setting is almost guaranteed, and understanding how to use your ‘people skills’ will determine how you get on in that particular environment and whether you succeed or not. Whilst hard skills are required for every job, it’s more your soft skills which will be called into called into question. 

Your communication, problem-solving skills and accountability are part of what makes your collaboration skills effective. 

We share a few tips on how you can improve your collaboration skills. 

Leave your comfort zone 

One of the best ways you can develop your collaboration skills and grow in your work environment is to leave your comfort zone and work with colleagues who specialise in other areas of expertise such as Media, or Training. This gives you an opportunity to delve into other areas whilst offering your own skillset. For example if you may be a software development and are helping the project management team. 

Recognise others 

One way which a workforce can work in harmony is by recognising others’ achievements. For a team project to be successful, it takes every team member to do their job effectively. It takes contributions, achievements and ideas from the whole team. Recognising achievements can boost team morale. 

If you’re a senior member of the team, be sure to recognise achievements either in private or in front of the whole team. You’ll become a collaborator who recognises others’ achievements whilst creating a positive environment for everyone to work in. 

Join industry groups 

You can equally develop your collaboration skills in the working environment as well as out of it. Attending conferences is a good way to build your soft skills. Your communication and networking skills will be improved as a result of joining groups with your fellow professionals; as you meet new people and build your confidence. 

Team-building activities can help 

The first step to collaborating effectively with others is to be comfortable with the people who you are working with. Team-building activities are a great way to not only have fun with your colleagues, but it’s a great opportunity to see first-hand what their problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills are like. If you take part in team projects but don’t have any teambuilding activities, suggest it to your supervisor. 

There are various ways you can enhance your collaboration skills and become a confident worker in your environment. The benefits of strong collaboration skills in the workplace are essential towards a harmonious workplace, success amongst colleagues and a successful career.