What is a Brand Activation Manager?

Personalisation is driving marketing right now. Major organisations are continuously leveraging data acquired by consumer activity to produce effective campaigns to drive brand awareness and increase sales. Whilst this sounds like the standard role of a marketer, the demand Brand Activation Specialists has increased – but why; and what do they do? 

Brand Activation Managers are unique in the sense that they work with different departments such as Creative Directors and Social Media Specialists to implement strategies and ensure the company’s overall marketing goals are met. They are instrumental in shaping campaigns to meet customers’ needs and expectations. 

Brand Activation Managers have a hands-on approach in their marketing activity daily; but what are their main duties? Brand Activation Managers are typically responsible for: 

  • Develop and executing innovative activation plans across various channels 
  • Working closely with marketing teams to bring plans to life 
  • Conducting market research to identify consumer trends 
  • Measuring and reporting on campaign performance to determine ROI 

What skills do you need to qualify for a Brand Activation position? 

Brand Activation Managers are required to be highly analytical individuals. As well as being highly analytical, a typical Brand Activation Manager must also be competent in the following areas: 

High communication skills – As you’re likely to be communicating with external stakeholders, and sometimes present ideas,  effective communication is essential to succeed in such a role.  
Strong attention to detail – As the role involves much planning and analytics, your attention to detail will be key in ensuring planned campaigns run smoothly. In addition, being able to identify potential problems and being able to come up with solutions will be required. 

Social media knowledge – Social media and Brand Activation are important for each other. Social media has become a critical tool for building engagement with customers; and developing content that is engaging and informative, this boosts your brand message as well as your reach. 

A Brand activation role presents various opportunities for a professional to conduct market research and understand consumer trends and behaviours, enabling their campaigns to be more effective. This also presents professionals with the ongoing challenge of staying up to date with marketing trends and technologies; and adapting their strategies as a result. 

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