What Qualities Should An Ecommerce Manager Possess?

For aspiring Ecommerce managers and for those already in the field, there’s an important question to ask. What qualities should an Ecommerce manager have? Just like any other job, there are specific characteristics which can mould a great Ecommerce manager. Here we take a look at what those qualities are. 

Education and Experience

Higher education isn’t a necessity as valuable work experience can be just as good if not better, as it is hands on experience which can show that you are competent in your field. However, a bachelor’s degree is also suitable for this role, specifically in related subjects such as business, marketing and/or Ecommerce. A combination of education and experience could also land you your role as an e-commerce manager. Relevant work experience shows that you have gained the required skills, knowledge and attributes that are needed to work in this field. 

User Experience

There is an emphasis on user experience in this role as you will have an understanding of how to create websites that are well designed, functional and have proper branding in place.

Brand Development and Marketing

You will need to follow and strengthen your company’s brand and their subsequent standards they have set, whilst initiating and promoting campaigns on online media. Therefore it is essential that you know your brand inside-out, what they stand for, and what ideas will suit your brand. 


There may be many elements to juggle and as a result you will need to rank importance to several tasks and ideas. For example, securing shoppers who can become loyal customers which in turn converts sales takes priority over ideas that are good for the sake of technology. 

Personnel Management

The strength of your team lies directly with your ability to recruit, train and oversee your fellow staff. They essentially become a reflection of yourself and their success is ultimately your success. So, teamwork will be valuable in this role.  

Project Management

There will no doubt be many constraints you will have to work under, therefore, your ability to manage your time, communicate with your team and other management will be very important in order to execute efficiency. 

All in all, these top tips highlight key qualities which would be essential in this type of role. Hopefully these will help you to land and secure that Ecommerce manager role.   


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