What Your Body Language Should Suggest In An Interview

Body language one of the most important aspects to being successful in an interview. The person interviewing can judge you by how you presnet yourself. This is not just by the clothes you wear to an interview, but also your body language. It is very important that you do not give your potential employer any reason to not consider you for the job other than your experience or qualifications. This artile will highlight the do's dont's for body language.

Don't - Slouch

Slouching is one of the common things candidates do when they are in interviews. Sometimes they may get too relaxed in an interview, and they will end up slouching. When you slouch in an interview, it doesn't send out the right message. At the same time, you don't want to be sat there hunched and clinching your fists, you want to be relaxed. You have to maintain the correct posture throughout, not just to set a good impression but also so that you feel comfortable!

Don't - Move around

You don't want to be slouching in an interview, but you also don't want to be so relaxed that you're unable to sit still. The last thing you want to be doing is moving your arms around and swinging in your chair. It will just come across as you being bored and impatient, as if there is something more important for you to be doing. You want to focus on on the interviewer and be relaxed.

Don't - Sit with your arms crossed

Sitting with your arms crossed is something you may do when you are impatiently waiting for something to end. You want to avoid doing this in your interview, because your interviewer will just get the impresion that you are not interested.

Don't - Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a habit most of us have, but we should leave it outside of an interview room. It can come across as rude. If you are speaking to someone, it can be very difficult to understand them properly if they are constantly chewing and trying to speak at the same time.

Do - Keep eye contact

Keeping eye contact for some people can be tricky, especially if they are shy. However it is very important to keep eye contact because it shows you are confident and it also shows that you are actually listening to what your interviewer is saying. You don't want your eyes to be wondering all over the room, it just shows a lack of focus.

Do - Smile

Go to your interview with a smile! It always helps to smile in an interview, it sets a good tone between yourself and the person interviewing you.

Do - Walk in confidently

By you walking in confidently into an interview, that doesn't just set a good impression for your potential employer, but you give yourself a massive uplift and a sense of confidence. You will be judged on your behaviour as soon as you walk into the interview room, try to set a positive mood.

Do - Sit up straight

This is the opposite of slouching (as you probably already know). It's so important to sit up straight when speaking to the interviewer, and it also allows you to feel comfortable as you speak. It will make them know that you are listening.

Effective Job Interviews

You can be effective in your job interview, but it is important to do the correct things in appropriate time. We have to understand the difference between what we do when we are socialising and what we do when we are in a professional enviroment. We usually don't  have many chances to set a good first impression, so when the chance arises, it is important to show appropriate body language so that you give yourself the best chance of succeeding.
As we prepare for interviews, we always wonder how we can approach it, and sometimes we may go over a particular scenario in our head as if we are reheasring a script. We may make certain decisions in interviews based on instincts and how we are as people. However, there are certain characteristcs that employers look at to see if we stand out from other candidates. The interviewer can't see what we're thinking in our heads, so the best indcation or impression they will get will be from our body language. Be sure to make it a good one!