When you know a company is the ‘right fit’

“Sorry, this isn’t the right fit for me” - A line which employers and recruiters will have undoubtedly heard more often than not. 

This often comes down to what a candidate is looking to achieve in a position; and also what the company is willing to offer. Heading into a job where it aligns well with your current situation as well as your future ambitions saves you having to leave the role further down the line for one reason or another. 

As the requirements for working have changed and will continue to; employers will also be assessing whether candidates are the right fit for their business. 

There are various factors a candidate will contemplate whilst they are in the recruitment process. From proposed salaries to company culture – when do you know when a company is the right fit? 


Company culture is perhaps one of the most important factors for both the candidate and employer. Is the company culture appealing? Will this candidate thrive in this working environment?  

Every business will have established a culture, your ability to carry out the job may very well depend on the environment you’re working in. The job may be awesome, but the culture may not be the best. Various employers will only provide an offer if they feel like you have matched their expectation. If a company matches your ambition, your way of working and the job is great – go for it! 

Communication style 

The way in which a business communicates with you throughout the recruitment process is key to identifying what communication will be like if you were to jump on board. Whether it’s through HR or an internal recruiter, there are a few things you should look out for. These include the professionalism in communicating, are the responses timeless and personalised? If the answer is yes, then you may have found yourself a great fit. 

Does their ambition match your long-term goals?

Ultimately, any business you consider joining will have plans and goals they’d like to achieve, just like you. You may be looking for a role that provides regular training in order to aid your desire to become the best analyst or marketer you can be – do they provide this? Is there a system of progression that creates room for promotion? 

An environment where you can help achieve company goals, whilst developing your skills and progressing in you career will be the perfect fit. 

Ideal working requirements 

Working requirements have become flexible in recent times and businesses are ensuring employees feel comfortable, with all the tools they need wherever they choose to work. Work/life balance has become an important factor for employees. Long working hours may not work for everyone, especially with outside responsibilities and commitments. Be sure to communicate any concerns or preferred working arrangements with your potential employers, to see whether their arrangements align with your own. 

How does the company deal with conflict?

Just like harmony, there can also be conflict; it can happen in every workplace. Healthy conflict can be productive and resolve multiple problems. Businesses will and should have an approach to dealing with conflict. Some of the questions you can ask in relation to this could be:

”When and how do people give and receive feedback?”

”How are decisions made within the company, particularly when employees have conflicting viewpoints?”

Once you have the answers to those questions, you’ll know whether it’s an environment you can collaborate in without issues.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re an experienced candidate or in the early stages of your career, in order to have progression in your career, finding a company that matches your skills, goals and ambition is key. This enables you to settle and establish yourself in your desired position. Finding the ‘perfect fit’ can be challenging at times, but by asking all the necessary questions, you’re quickly able to establish what your answer will be to a potential job offer.