Why it's important to move fast with your recruitment process to hire the best talent

Despite a wide talent pool to delve into, the race for the best talent in the digital industry very much depends on the timing of your approach. As a consultant who speaks to clients and candidates daily, whilst outstanding candidates are eager to make a switch, clients must move quickly when identifying and hiring new talent. 

Not only are the best candidates in high demand but from the client's perspective, maintaining strong communication throughout the process ensures confidence from the candidate. 

Here are some of the main reasons you must move quickly with your recruitment process if you want the best talent: 

The best candidates are snatched up very quickly

A lot of the best candidates are still in a role meaning you'll have to account for notice periods

It shows candidates you are serious about your process

It shows the candidates your business is dedicated to transparent communication (waiting too long shows a faulty process and can make candidates believe this extends to other parts of the business)

You remain ahead of your competitors (if they are hiring quicker, they'll secure better talent) Example: I've seen people accept lower offers because they simply had a quicker better process and ultimately relationship with the hiring team

We understand the time it takes to source talent, which is where we come in, using our knowledge we can sift through, shortlist, and provide you a clear view of all the best talent without you having to post the role.

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By Owen Peterson, Recruitment Consultant