Why now is a great time to work in social media

A career in social media offers candidates many options to discover what it takes to engage a target audience, whilst finding the content to match. Despite your level of expertise in this particular sector, it’s clear that with the rapid growth within the industry, there are many options for professionals to explore.  

The social media landscape is changing. Gone are the days of just standard communication where you would send your friend a message, comment on their post and become their “friend”. Those capabilities still exist, but the introduction of social commerce now means we can also purchase and rate items in social apps – going on to be an effective solution for ecommerce businesses. 

For those who work in marketing, social media has allowed to run free campaigns and ads in the same place. This gives marketers the option to post content without promoting it and supplement with ads to reach a wider audience. Businesses have full control over who they wish to target with their advertising. 

Along with Facebook and Twitter, we have seen Instagram develop and evolve into the world’s most used social media platform; and the emergence of apps such as Snapchat and TikTok. TikTok and Snapchat have changed the way marketers tell stories. Short-form videos have become king of the timeline, engaging audiences across multiple channels. Facebook and Instagram shop have provides users with an alternative and analytical tools to measure your social media performance are available. 

Social media is everywhere now, and businesses are ensuring they’re utilising the relevant channels to advertise their services and present a unique experience. This presents opportunities to aspiring or current marketers, including freelancers to showcase their skills and talents. 

Whether your strengths lie in content, creative, analytics or ecommerce, there is a role for you in the sector. 


As short-form videos become more popular, so does the art of storytelling. Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat allow you to show off your creative skills by producing reels and stories. Employers are looking for individuals who can turn their creative skills into results and social media is the perfect platform to do that. 

Ecommerce factor 

Not only are social media platforms enhancing the way we connect with one another, but they’re introducing unique shopping experiences.  Users are now able to shop for their favourite items in-app, thanks to Facebook Shop and Instagram shopping. Ecommerce and social media go hand in hand, as ecommerce stores can use social media to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their stores, generating online sales. 

It's a great opportunity for someone with Ecommerce expertise to collaborate with social media professionals to generate a strategy that will not only produce sales, but also awareness and engagement on the social media front. 

Content is king 

Content is what’s driving engagement in 2023. Broadcasters are opting for short-form content on YouTube, and social media marketers are following suit. Dependant on the sector, understanding the type of content that drives interaction will be invaluable to your quest for engagement. If you’re a talented copywriter, video editor, or graphic designer, the social media landscape is the perfect environment to demonstrate your capabilities – and you’ll be highly sought after! 


Social media managers and executives are in demand, and this is due to the possibilities businesses can explore when promoting their business and driving growth and engagement. Not only for permanent employees but social media offers freelancers a range of options within the field. As platforms (new and old) continue to emerge and reinvent themselves, trends such as influencer marketing, video content, and social audio will be only a few of the many avenues to explore in 2023 and beyond. 

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