Why you should consider a career in PPC

A career in Pay Per Click is ideal for those who possess numerical accuracy and have an investigative nature. At Blu Digital, we take pride in working with our fantastic clients to secure the very best talent for every unique position. 

A career in PPC can be challenging for those or who are just beginning and also those who are somewhat experienced. Being able to adjust to ever-changing strategies, manage e-commerce and writing eye-catching advertisements; are all part of the job. 

We’ll look at some of the great reasons why you should consider a career in PPC. 

It’s a dynamic industry 

The great thing about PPC is that it’s still a young industry, and there are always new features or bidding strategies to experiment with. The best PPC professionals are required to have an eagerness to learn and deal with constant change. No day is exactly the same; with things moving at a fast pace. 

You’re never bored 

If you’re looking for a career which isn’t the same routine day-in, day-out, then PPC is the answer! 

As we’ve previously stated, the dynamic nature of the industry means that there is so much to do and learn. There is always data to analyse and experiment with. Return on investment is a key part of all advertising. Whether tailored to achieve brand awareness or conversions, PPC professionals endeavour to ensure a return on investment. 

Navigating ad copy, search terms and display networks to safely deliver their brand to their target audience is what you can look forward to! 

You can delve into different areas

Elements such as ad-writing, e-commerce management  and lead generation are only a few of the skills that you will learn as part of this profession. Your exposure to working with various clients will also enable you to gain an insight into different business. From startups to global business, you can assess the different goals they have; whilst learning from the commercial awareness you gain from them. 

Working with companies of different sizes, you’ll get an experience of the different requirements, as well as their goals. 

Which attributes do you need to be successful in PPC? 

Eagerness to learn – There are various ways in which you can keep informed about the PPC industry. From online courses, to YouTube videos and blogs – the resources are endless. 

Creative-edge – Having a creative edge is definitely a bonus. A good portion of working a PPC job is to be able to write outstanding and engaging ad copy. How can you make yours stand out in a crowded pool of paid search ads?

Adapt to change – There is always a new feature to learn. Being able to adapt to ever-changing features and circumstances, will be a great attribute to have. 

Good with numbers – When working in PPC, it is inevitable that you will be working with numbers. Besides being good with analytics, you will likely have to make some calculations. Becoming familiar with terms such as conversion rate and click-through rate will be beneficial. 

Looking for a role in PPC? 

Our dedicated team work with fantastic agencies and specialised clients, in the UK and globally; they’re on hand to discuss your situation. 

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