YouTube Takes A Stand Against 'Violent Content'

YouTube are planning to remove any content on their platform which they deem ‘inappropriate’, ‘violent’ or content which isn’t ‘mature’ to children and minors, to create a safer platform. 

Various social media platforms have come under scrutiny due to the explicit and violent content which has made its way onto user’s timelines. This had led to advertisers considering whether to continue to use certain social media outlets to advertise services. However, YouTube have decided to take a stand against such content. 

YouTube have said they will gradually get rid of harmful content by monitoring video titles, descriptions and tags. Targeted material will be sexual content, violence, death and content which is seen as inappropriate for younger audiences.  
 As part of the process, offenders that break the rules will be banned from the platform for a certain period of time. Users will be given a period of 30 days to get used to the changes. For a company of YouTube’s stature, it is surprising they haven’t taken measures to ensure their platform is safe for young users; apart from age-restricted access. YouTube decided to make its change, quietly, after feedback from its Help community forum. 

Parents have been concerned not only about the screen time their children are indulging in, but also the type of content they could be exposed to. They’ll be glad YouTube are taking the first step in what hopes to be a successful process.