3 reasons why TikTok has been a success

Social media phenomenon TikTok, has recently surpassed competitor and social media giant, Facebook as the world’s most downloaded app in 2020.  This is according to a survey conducted by Nikkei Asia. 

Although this milestone has been backed by survey results, it’s evident of the popularity TikTok has gained since the beginning of 2020. It proves as a user-friendly, entertaining application for users and families to enjoy; seeing all ages take part. 

TikTok’s success has seen them achieve growth in Social Commerce in 2021; and currently has 17 million users in the UK. As they provide a new option for users to conduct their shopping, there are no signs of TikTok slowing down. Here are three reasons why TikTok has become a success: 

Short-Form Video Entertainment 

One of the main reasons why TikTok has been so successful, is because it emphasises the one piece of content that gets the most engagement – short-form videos. Whether it be on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, creative short-form videos always grab users’ attention when scrolling across the timeline. TikTok’s functionalities differ from their competitors, as users can lip-sync their favourite songs, television lines and copy a dance routine of their choice. 

Short-form is really the keyword, as clips can be up to 15 seconds long. Compared with the likes of Instagram, 15 seconds is pretty short – something that can take some time to get used to in the early stages of using it. However, this allows users to consume more content quickly.  

Providing Variety 

Another reason why TikTok has been such a success is the variety of content users are able to download and share. This has seen celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Will Smith and Ariana Grande engage with their audiences on the app. 

Influencers have also been taking to the application to share content that is relevant to their demographic. TikTok caters to those who have interests in just about anything, including: Humour, music, sports, travel, cooking, dance and photography. 

As the biggest draw of social media use is entertainment-driven content, you can also find your fair share of educational and businesses-oriented content on TikTok. 

Aids Brand Awareness 

From a brands’ marketing perspective, TikiTok can be a huge advantage. As we mentioned earlier, if engagement if what a brand is looking for, TikTok could be the answer. Whilst this particular social media platform may not be designed to or in result in sales, it showcases a brands’ personality. As influencers are rising, more users are paying attention to their eye-catching content. 

More brands are taking advantage of this by partnering with influencers, which has proved a success. Hashtag challenges are usually the popular method of engagement, where users are challenged to create content around the hashtag. 

The National Basketball Association (NBA) are a good example of a brand utilising TikTok.


Cooper, @atlhawks , BALL GAME?? ##NBASummer ##NBARook

? original sound - NBA


The NBA create regular content surrounding live games, highlights and celebrity participation. They also run competitions for the best TikTok, where fans can submit their own videos in a bid to win a prize. 

It’s a great way for fans to get engaged with their favourite teams, whilst showing off their own skills and re-creating sequences from live games. 


TikTok has been a huge success and it’s clear to see why. No matter your age or interest, it is catered for all audiences. With short 15-second videos, recording and showcasing has become easier than ever. Major brands have also discovered the benefits of TikTok and audiences alike are responding to the content. 

TikTok becomes the world’s most downloaded application, as they say: “Make every second count”.