Digital Trends (2018)

Our ‘digital trends for 2018’ document looks back at the digital trends that were set to shake up the digital world. Amongst the emerging trends were the rise of video content, Artificial Intelligence, the rise of mobile as desktops faded out and Micro Moments. We explored the past and future digital trends across: Marketing, UX, Social Media and Ecommerce. 

As part of the insights presented, industry-leading figures provided their take on the state of the digital industry; and which trends they predicted to see more of in the years that followed. 

“I predict many businesses next year will look to integrate chatbots  into their customer service. This presents the opportunity for a  business to be able to reply to their customers promptly.” – Jackie Balchin 

The User experience expertise as we know it  today will only facilitate the already standardized processes of the Interface design. Libraries and pre-made apps will deliver first class  UX while the user's data will be visualized into tangible interfaces  from junior designers. - Maria Kontogiorgou

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