Kick-Start Your Job Search In 2021!

Happy New Year! Whilst 2020 wasn’t the year many of us had hoped for, we can look ahead to 2021 with optimism and hope. 

The job market faced increased competition in the wake of Covid-19. Jobs were lost and as a result, there were a lack of opportunities across digital. Thanks to the implementation of various remote opportunities, this allowed employers and candidates to demonstrate their skills in new opportunities. 

Perhaps you were not able to make a breakthrough in your job search during the chaos of last year, but rest assured, Blu Digital is here to attend to your needs and help you land your next role! 

If you’re struggling to find some motivation in your job search, or you’re just unsure of where to start, we have a few tips to help you kick-start your job hunt in 2021! 

One thing to note is that the job search can be a tiring process (mentally) and in order to overcome initial struggles, you must have a positive mental attitude and a plan of action. Clearly identify and plan out your steps; whilst keeping on track of your progress. 

Be Concise With Applications 

There is an eagerness to make quick progress within the job search, and that can often lead to applying to every role you come across. Whilst this demonstrates determination to land a new position, it can also lead to applying for roles that would not be considered a ‘good fit’. 

When applying for new positions, always take into consideration:

  • Your preferred sector or job title 
  • Your current skill level and experience 
  • The location you want to work in 
  • What you can bring to the position 

The application process for some jobs are lengthy and may require more than just a CV. You may be asked to further expand your desire for the position by producing a cover letter, taking a test or producing a presentation. To reach the later stages and realise the job isn’t what you’re looking for, will be a waste of time. Make sure your application is well-written and matches your skills and experience, to have a better chance of landing a job. 

Review Your CV and Plan Application Targets 

When was the last time you looked and reviewed your CV? If the answer is “I don’t remember”, we suggest you dig out a copy of your CV and begin reviewing and amending. Your CV is a reflection of you, so it is important that it is in good condition. 

There may be skills that you have picked up since you last looked at your CV or a temporary work placement that you did in the last year – add those to your CV. The key is to keep it up to date so you’re ready to present it whenever you’re asked to. 

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Once your CV is in tip-top condition; it is a good idea to plan out how you will tackle the job search. That may be looking at the job boards you want to scope, the people you would like to get in touch with or how many applications you plan to submit each day or week. Once you have a structure, this should make it easier day-to-day and you could have a few interviews lined up! 

Experience Remains The Key 

Trying to land a new opportunity in a familiar sector can be challenging, however, if you’re considering a completely new career path, this could prove to be challenging – if you have no experience. 

If you have a solid amount of previous experience then this should aid your application, but remember that you are also competing against other candidates with similar or perhaps more experience. Voluntary work can also help your application stand out. It could be worth applying for temporary roles, to not only help you build your experience but it will also help you gauge whether that particular sector is for you. 

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The Job Search Requires Resiliency 

As we mentioned before, in order to make it through to the other side of the job search, it requires consistency. 

If you’re new to the job search process, you will need time to get used to what it entails. The more interviews you have, the more experience you will build. As time goes on, you will learn how to tackle tough interview questions, speak with confidence and how to ‘sell’ yourself  to your potential employer. 

If you find that you’re not succeeding initially, don’t give up. Your interviewer should provide you with feedback as to why you were not successful on that occasion; and sometimes this can help you identify where your weaknesses are and work on them. 

Missing a Skill? 

Experience is key to finding new opportunities, but so is your knowledge. If you discover that you have knowledge gaps that you need to fill, the beginning of 2021 is an ideal time to work on those necessary skills. There are a range of online courses that will keep you occupied in the next few months, and that will also enhance your knowledge leaving you ready to go! 

If you prefer something more visual then there are plenty of online tutorials including YouTube tutorials, contained with in-depth resources to boost your knowledge.

It’s not just what you say and do in the interviews or even when you have a job; it’s also about your desire to learn and constantly improve. The hard work will pay off. 

Build Your Network 

Having a network could come as a key benefit to your job search. A network, in particular LinkedIn, comes with benefits including: 

  • Connecting with potential employers, current and former colleagues.
  • Building and raising awareness of your current employment situation.
  • Showcasing your work with your network
  • Enabling others within your network can endorse your current set of skills 
  • Applying for jobs easier.
  • Joining groups and building relationships.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is quick and easy to do. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, then check out our guide on: LinkedIn Tips For Candidates

With the current restrictions the UK is dealing with, physical events look set to be put on pause for the foreseeable – online networking is at your fingertips so take advantage of it. 

Be Open Minded 

When you become focused on one particular career path, it can be tricky to consider an alternative solution; but try to be open minded. Having an open mind will lead to more opportunities and it may have you realising strengths and qualities you never new you had. You may come across or be presented with a role that you think is not what you’re looking for, but with one chat with one of our recruiters and your potential employer, it could become a very exciting proposition. 

Try to stay focused and don’t give up. The job search is a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re lucky enough to land the role of your dreams early on, then fantastic. It’s better to asses a situation with care than to rush into it and regret it shortly afterwards. If you don’t succeed, try again – you’ll get there in the end! 

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