Why summer is a good time to job search

The summer hasn't always been considered the easiest time to find a new job, or for recruiters to find talent. Especially with the disruption that the world has faced over the last year, we're seeing a wide pool of talent around the UK searching for their first or a change of position. 

According to the Financial Times, the rate of unemployment and furloughed workers is steadily decreasing - is this a source of optimism? 

Various business and sectors around the UK looking to get back on their feet in the long term; they will be in the hunt for new employees, which could spell a busy summer and fourh quarter for the recruitment industry.

We'll look at some of the reasons why the summer could be a great time for you to be active in your job search. 

Less competition? 

Due to the myth on summer being a tough period for recruitment, you'll probably find that as a result, candidates do not decide to pursue opportunities in the summer. The second half od 2021 saw restrictions lift in the UK, resulting in more workers going back to the office and an increase in hybrid opportunities. 

Taking this into consideration, your chances of landing an interview for advertised positions that would have been highly sought after at other times of the year, has increased - with digital marketing opportunities rising.  

This is also a good chance to show your determination and passion to recruiters or hiring managers you come across. A quality which employers are looking for. 


A chance to network 

Applying for jobs during the summer offers the chance to network in different ways. Aside of the usual emails, phone calls and interviews; the chance to network outdoors arises. 

Why not network over a spot of summer lunch, some coffee - activities which may not be possible during the winter months. This is a great way for hiring managers or employers to get to know candidates outside of formal interviews. It is common for employers to welcome and introduce new starters to a team with some lunch. 

Work slows down

This may sound counterproductive to the point we're trying to make, but as work slows down for businesses, this means there will be more time for hiring managers and recruiters to check applications and source talent. As their workload decreases, they can look at CV's which they may have been too busy to assess at other times of the year. 

If you manage to secure a role during the summer, it could also prove to be an easier transition; where you'll have time to get used to your new surroundings, colleagues and job duties. 

We’re sure there are other valid reasons why the summer poses a great opportunity to seek your next role – let us know on social media!