Blu Digital's Services

In this edition of The Blu Digital Chat, founder, Jack Johnson sits down with Richard to discuss Blu Digital's new services. As the UK’s leading digital recruitment, Search and Talent’s Recruitment Agency, Blu Digital’s number one priority is to ensure that their candidates and clients receive the best service possible. Blu Digital has launched new services and these include: Consultancy, Contingency, Outsourced In-House and Executive Search. 

Each service has its own benefits. Contingency is ideal for businesses that are seeking have urgent hiring needs to fill certain gaps within their teams or to back-fill newly opened positions within teams. Businesses that have team-building requirements, will be ideal for the Outsourced In-House Requirement. 

Clients that require a short term, single project resource, on a budget will find Blu Digital’s Consultancy Service useful. Businesses needing senior executives to increase shareholder value and be at the core in helping transform their businesses, will benefit from the Executive Search Service. 

Jack discusses the reasons for the addition of new services in order to well-suit our clients and their needs. Listen to the full podcast below.