Consulting During COVID-19 And Beyond

For our first series of ‘Women In Ecommerce and Digital Marketing’ podcast we look at life as a consultant in a new age where consulting has become the norm and people find themselves going down this route more and more. Caron Cant kicks us off in an open discussion about the challenges and rewards of consulting, and knowing your worth in today’s market.

Caron comes with a wealth of varied experience within government; she is currently a Digital Transformation Director in the public and private sector, pushing digital change within the industry. 

She discusses her current role, her lengthy career and her journey as a consultant to date. She also touches upon the challenges she has faced; from uncertainty over day rates, to being confident in her abilities in challenging environments. Caron stresses the need to 'knowing your worth' as a consultant; and understanding what you can provide to a business when providing your services. As the world of consulting sees opportunities arise on a temporary basis, it’s important to not get 'emotionally attached'.

As well as looking back at her own experiences, Caron provides tips and advice to those who seek a career in consulting. 

Tune in for this frank and open chat all about the digital consultant world. 

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