Using Social Media In Your Job Search

Social media has become a powerful tool in everyday life. Not only can we use it to communicate daily with friends and family, but it has also become a pivotal part of business strategy in order to build a relationship with consumers. Various social media platforms can also play a part in helping candidates find job opportunities. 

Now, platform is different, however if used correctly,  your next opportunity could be a click away! LinkedIn is a perfect example of a platform aiding the candidate job search. It is built in order to connect you with the right people and networks. Many people have LinkedIn accounts, but they’re not sure how to utilise it effectively. 

In this edition of The Blu Digital Chat, Jack and Richard discuss how social media can be used effectively whilst seeking new opportunities. Elements such as an appealing LinkedIn profile, and networking (with groups) regularly are among the top tips! A digital portfolio could also be a major step to not only standing out from others, but showcasing your skills and talents to the world. 

Listen to the full podcast below. 


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