Office Trends For 2021 With Peter Dudley

The latest edition of the Blu Digital Podcast, features O & A Property Consultants Owner, Peter Dudley. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption for office workers, with businesses having to adopt a ‘work from home’ approach, this past year. 

As someone who is involved with the process of hiring and renting office space, Peter Dudley has experienced first-hand, the frustrations and uncertainty the property market has seen in the past year. 

O & A Property Consultants have worked with organisations from SMEs and start-ups, trying to find their ideal creative space, to household names looking for bespoke floors and entire buildings. 

Listen to the full podcast below: 

With the future of office working unknown, Peter discusses the various trends we’re seeing take place, how businesses have changed their mindset towards working in the office full-time and the trends we could see in the immediate future. 

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